Drawn together by a love for music, we, the brothers of the Iota Pi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi remain steadfast in our purpose to serve Cal Poly bands and to promote music within our community. We strive to embody integrity, optimism, trust, acceptance, passion, and individualism in everything we do. With respect for our craft, recognition of personal growth and perseverance, and promotion of the highest levels of musicianship and achievement, we work to build the bonds of brotherhood within our chapter, as well as with the community at large.

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Officer Elections

Posted at 05/17/10 - 12:23 AM

 After a long night of voting, we would like to congratulate the following brothers who have been elected as officers for the 2010-2011 academic year:


President: Erin "(Lago)" Stearns
Vice President: Alex “hawt sauS” Jacobius
Recording Secretary: Maggie Maratsos
Treasurer: Austin Graves
Correspondence Secretary: Tony Soto
Alumni Secretary: Leila “Grace” Jewell
Historian: Jeff Brown

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